Stuck on Stickers

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

“I need the stickers to be writeable with a regular, ball-point pen, able to withstand freezing or warm temperatures and able to be removed from a baby bottle without leaving half the sticker behind.” 

A tall order? I didn’t think so, until I started to understand the intricacies of stickers or “labels,” which appears to be the more technical term. 

Will the stickers be die cut? Kiss cut?  Printed on paper-based or poly substrate?  Printed on rolls or sheeted?  How many will you print? Will they be printed CMYK or SPOT color?  AAAAAAACK!  I found myself quite literally stuck on stickers.

Luckily, I have an excellent “Sticker Tester” willing to assist me.  After all, what 4 yr old doesn’t love stickers??