My Hopes and Dreams for Milk It

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

Let’s face it, pumping milk is no fun. You may get used to it. You may get darn good at it. You may become an expert multi-tasker. But bottom line, it adds a whole lot of extra to your day as a working mom. 

We don’t pump milk for ourselves, we do it for our babies.  This is a completely selfless task and yet it takes so much diligence.  

Therefore, I say be proud of your pumping self! 

With Milk It™ I hope that:
  • Milk It Kit™ will help lighten the mood of working mothers’ pumping breaks
  • moms will take pride as they slap a Milk It label on those hard-earned ounces of PURE MILK!
  • office environments will become more welcoming and supportive of nursing moms
  • moms and their coworkers will giggle seeing “not for lattes™” when they open their company fridge
  • moms will smile and remember why they are doing all this work when they see “Reserved for Baby”
  • moms will feel good putting a “Go Mommy Go” sticker on their laptop, pump, bike, skis, etc…
  • the Milk It door hanger will help ease that crippling fear of exposure by a coworker–it has to be a close second to the feeling experienced in the “naked in the hall” dream!
  • the Milk It pump bag tag will help moms slide through security at the airport or identify their pump bag with ease
  • we will hear from moms around the world telling of their pumping trials and triumphs 
  • Milk It moms will become a support system for other breastfeeding and pumping moms through our Facebook and Twitter pages or face to face!
  • moms will post pictures of their Milk It Kit items on display at their workplaces or wherever they may pump!
to be continued…