And Laundry, I Mean, Life Gets in the Way

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

Why am I so tired this week?  I kept wondering.  

But then, as I recounted the week that had passed I realized how my energy and time had been drained:

  • 3 doctors appointments 
  • 1 evening birthday party
  • Toddler gymnastics, a ski lesson and pulling 2 yr old (28 lb) Maile in a cross-country skiing sled 
  • 7 lunches packed 
  • 3 loads of dishes 
  • 1 sleepless night (throwback to newborn stage) due to potty-training and Maile's new tendency to remove diaper while in crib!
  • 5 loads of laundry with 3 crib sheet changes
  • 1 kid's haircut
  • 2 playdates
  • 2 kids peeing on the floor, separately, to get attention
  • 1 toddler dumping a cup of hot coffee on the table

Collective hours spent on Milk It this week: 5.  
Hours spent on everything else: umpteen.  

Add in daylight savings and its effects on children's sleep patterns and it starts to become very clear to me why I am so tired and why I haven't been able to accomplish much with Milk It this week. 

With products being printed as I write, it appears to be time to realign.  Daddy - you take storytime!

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