Ready, Set, Launch!

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro


Okay, here we go!  I thought this photo was appropriate since loading 2 kids into a Burley and heading off on an adventure is not dissimilar from the road to launch for my business, Milk It.  

Like the daily adventures with my 4 and 2 year old daughters, getting Milk It from idea to product has involved a lot of creative brainstorming, persistence, patience, cash, and more patience.  These days, I often experience a "two steps forward, three steps back" situation -- i.e. 2 yr old out of the inflatable pool, dried off and ready to go out the door when I turn back to grab something - keys, purse, snack, etc. and come back to find 2 yr old peeing in inflatable pool, completely naked.  Huh! -- deep breath, patience, start over.  

Getting all the parts of my Milk It Kit pulled together often felt very similar, maybe because the final kit was so clear in my head, but I was starting at square one, learning the ropes of the printing business, the label/sticker business, and most of all, trying to start a business while raising two small kids.  

However, as any parent of small kids will testify, it's not all bad.  Being home raising your children is quite a ride and with the painstakingly slow parts come the unimaginably rewarding parts.  Similarly, seeing a brainchild come to product is proving to be as much of a high as it has been a task.

Looking back, key to getting my Milk It Kit "just right" was finding the right designer to not only "get" the vision I was going for, but to also "get" the whole working mom thing.  Serendipitously, in September 2010 I connected with a woman in Boulder, CO that was not only a talented graphic designer but also a mom with young kids.  Ironically, this connection occurred over a changing table posting on Craigslist.  While I didn't wind up purchasing the changing table for my then 7 month old, I did find an amazing designer who was as excited about Milk It as me.  And so, after a brief meeting at our local Logan's Cafe on September 14, 2010, Milk It began its journey from idea to product.

A year and a half (plus) later, here we are!  Burley's loaded up and ready for the adventures ahead of us.  Go Mommy Go is no longer just what my kids say to me as I pull them up the hills from our house toward Pearl Street, it's now my mantra for getting Milk It Kit out to the world of working, breastfeeding moms.  

May the Milk It Kit bring many a smile to the faces of breastfeeding moms gearing up to head back to work.  Go Mommy Go.  Or I should say, Go Mommies Go.