Repurpose Your Formula Freebie Bag (or Suck It, Similac)

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

The AAP has officially said they "advise pediatricians not to provide formula company gift bags, coupons, and industry-authored handouts to the parents of newborns and infants in office and clinic settings," since "patients must be protected from commercial infant formula marketing" and "because of the negative impact pharmaceutical advertising has on human behavior."

So, if you were one of the moms that was given this "great gift" of infant formula and a little bottle cooler bag (as was I, in 2008 and 2010), what should you do with that bag?  

In the era of reusing, we at Milk It say why not repurpose that formula freebie bag into a breast milk cooler bag?  It's the perfect size for a couple pumping sessions and what better way to say "Suck it, Similac (and other Formula marketers)" than to use the bag they gave us (breastfeeding-hopeful moms) to store pumped breast milk?

In response to this forward-moving development and in anticipation of World Breastfeeding Week, please Like milkitkit on Facebook and let us know if you have an old Similac freebie bag lying around that is just dying to be repurposed as a breastmilk cooler bag!  We would love to send you some of our waterproof & freezer-proof breastmilk Milk Labels and some stickers to start redecorating that formula bottle bag.  Go Mommy Go - Milk It.

Last Image care of: "Suck it, Similac" by Jake Krohn on Flickr 

Sidenote: Milk It is a company founded to support moms and the milk they make.  We at Milk It recognize that not all moms can produce milk and breastfeed.  We would never judge a mom by her ability to breastfeed or her choice to breastfeed or to formula-feed.

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