Baby It's Cold Outside: A Breastfeeding Mom's Wish List

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

The Breastfeeding Mom’s Holiday Wish List

It’s been a long year, right?  If you are a breastfeeding mom and/or a working and pumping mom, you have likely spent a lot of this year putting the needs of others {i.e. a very cute little one…or two perhaps!} ahead of your own.  

Well, this holiday season please don’t forget to think of what you need as well as your family.  Perhaps this is a good time to give your loved ones a little wink, wink, hint, hint about what could make your life easier as we head towards a new year. 

Dads, partners, friends: here {with even more details and goodies on our Pinterest board} is a collection of indulgent and/or necessary items for breastfeeding moms to help them feel loved and supported … and stylish!

Milk It’s Holiday Wish List for Breastfeeding & Pumping Moms: 

1.)  New breastfeeding-friendly clothes!  {Bonus points if the clothes can also be worn post-breastfeeding too!}

If you’re like me you are probably growing tired of those milk-stained nursing tanks and old stretched out t-shirts you have accumulated for nursing your baby.  Once you have breastfeeding down a bit, why not make yourself feel a little better by adding some style to your breastfeeding wardrobe?

Enter  Loved ones can get all sorts of ideas from Maryam and her amazing milk-friendly style!  Here is one of her style boards on Polyvore.

Other Breastfeeding-friendly clothing:

- Convertible Sweater Scarf by Shade

- Oslo DRIA Nursing Cover poncho shawl

- You! Lingerie cute and colorful nursing tank

- Rumina nursing and pumping tank

2.) Mmmmassage – No mom I know would ever say no to a massage!  Breastfeeding and pumping can cause moms to kink up in their shoulders and back and a massage, especially by a pre/post-natal trained massage therapist, is one amazing slice of heaven and me time rolled up in one!

3.) Something Special Just for Mom such as Personalized Mommy Jewelry – I know I want one of these!  Add a name and maybe a birth stone each time you have a new little one.  How sweet for the proud mama. Photo shows necklace by Angie Star in Boulder, CO but there are lots of other examples from Etsy on our Pinterest board: Baby It’s Cold Outside: Holiday Wish List for Breastfeeding Moms

4.) Teething necklaces - Jewelry for Mom, teething necklace for babe.

I am just in love with the Teethease necklace above and also a fan of Chewbeads necklaces and bangles.

5.) Milk It Kit - Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms for all the working moms out there {we’re a little biased on this one, we know}.  What a better way to help support your favorite breastfeeding, working mom than to give her a way to protect herself and her milk while at work?

6.) Lactation Cookies!  Cookies aren’t just for Santa!  Mamas stress about making enough milk, especially when headed back to work.  Treat your breastfeeding mom to a very sweet way to boost milk supply.

7.) New Breastfeeding/Pumping Undergarments {aka lingerie, unmentionables, crazy awesome contraptions}!

- A great and stylish nursing bra such as this one by You! Lingerie

A hands-free pumping bra from Simple Wishes {double-layered material to keep pump parts in place and it’s adjustable, just like you!}

Under Cover Mama breastfeeding undershirt (keep that midriff warm when it’s cold outside!)

8.) Helpful gadgets such as the Nighty Night Nursing Light

9.) Cute burp cloths from Etsy - a simple indulgence to add a little glamour to the unglamorous world of spilled milk and baby spit up!

10.) A babysitter for a girls night out or date night! :)

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