Great Ideas to Improve Your Pumping Space!

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

Along with milkmakers, Simple Wishes, Pumping Essentials, The 16-minute Club and Lactation Navigation, we are hosting our very first Pinterest Contest with over $1000 in prizes!  And, we’re asking you:what’s your ideal pumping space?  

With one week down, and one week to go, we have some great ideas to share from all our pumping moms!  Here’s a visual roundup and a list below - maybe these ideas will inspire you to create your Pinterest Board titled My Pumping Space.  What other creative ideas can you think of to improve your pumping space? Inspire us!  

Ideas for Improving Your Pumping Space (from the top, left to right): 
  • Breastfeeding Art (by Picasso!) - Pinner Ana Mullinax
  • Decals and paint to brighten the walls! - Pinner Mirande Welle 
  • Spare Pump Parts (Medela kit) - Pinner Melissa Mahaley
  • Pump Parts Drying Rack (by Boon) - Pinner Ashley Szeremet
  • Pumping-friendly dress - Pinner Jennifer Crewell
  • Fridge and Sink! - Pinner Rookie Moms
  • Baby-inspired art - Pinner Beth Santoro
  • Comfy Stylish Chair - Pinner Laura Kirk 
  • Dry Erase Board - Pinner Lesley McCarter
  • Magazine Rack - Pinner Miranda Welle 
  • Lap Desk - Pinner Danielle Bowers
  • Shower Curtain room dividers - Pinner Lesley McCarter
  • iPad with Baby photos/sounds - Pinner Lovely Family
  • A Fan for the Hot Months - Pinner Jessica G
  • Nursing Pillow for Visiting Babies - Pinner Noelle Kerr
  • Over the Door Organizer - Pinner Jessica G
  • Electric Teapot for Mother’s Milk Tea! - Pinner Donna Witek
  • Pumping-friendly Wardrobe - Pinner Beth Santoro
  • Framed Baby Photo - Pinner Miranda Welle
  • Headphones to Zone Out - Pinner Rookie Moms
  • Breastmilk-increasing Tips - Pinner Katelyn McKim
  • The Breastfed Baby Poster - Pinner Laura Kirk
  • Simple Cover for an Ugly Office Chair! - Pinner Ashley Szeremet
  • Refreshing Lemon Water - Pinner Ana Mullinax
  • A Fun Locker for Storing Pump Parts - Pinner Donna Witek

Contest runs through midnight, Thursday, May 9th and Winners announced Friday, May 10th.  Enter to win by creating your own “My Pumping Space” Pinterest Board, incuding it in the comments of this pin and entering the milkmakers Giveaway on the Giveaway Tab on Facebook.  Good luck! 

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