The {baby} Elephant in the Room

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Written by Courtney Uyeshiro

With my third baby being born just two short months ago, I am delighted to be back in the baby industry - both as a creator of mom/baby products and now again as a consumer!  Check back to share in our excitement as we try out the latest and greatest in the baby gear world and share our experiences {and some special offers} with you!

First up - let's discuss that {super cute baby} elephant in the room ... we heart our Baby Elephant Ears!

Here, baby Mackenzie gives her ears a try at home in her Baby Bjorn seat.  No more slumped over baby head syndrome*! 

Mompreneur Alicia Overby created Baby Elephant Ears out of necessity when her 2nd child was born {she now has 4 kids and a booming business - Go Mommy Go!}.  Alicia's son just didn't seem happy and with the help of a chiropractor, he was successfully treated for a subluxation.

The chiropractor explained that Finn's discomfort was most likely the result of the strain Finn experienced during labor and was now being exacerbated by the normal lack of infant neck strength. He suggested the Overbys try using something to support their baby and better support his head and neck when he was in a seated position (such as a car seat, stroller, or carrier). The hope was that Finn would experience relief in his sore neck and his digestive tract would be aided by proper head, neck and back alignment.  Unsatisfied that she couldn't find anything that fulfilled her needs perfectly on the market, Alicia did what any good parent would do- she took matters into her own hands and crafted her own infant support pillow. The first Baby Elephant Ears was born!

The Baby Elephant Ears are great for newborns, who always seem so tiny even in their infant car seats.  We simply removed the not-so-great "headrest" in our Graco carseat and now place the Baby Elephant Ears in right before we buckle up baby.  The Ears keep baby's head straight and slightly wedged so she doesn't slump forward.  When we purchased our Ears, we couldn't resist getting the matching comfort blanket in the beautiful Dahlia pattern, which my 5 and 3 yr old daughters believe makes Mackenzie look like a sweet little butterfly.


We've had some fun with the Ears and realized they are useful in other ways too!  On many occasions, including a recent flight, our Baby Elephant Ears came in very handy as an impromptu nursing pillow, then a headrest for a sleeping milk-drunk baby and finally, as a headrest for a tired mommy.  We heart our Elephant Ears and know you will too!  Until August 15th, please enjoy 10% off purchase on with code: MILKIT

*Sidenote:please note that we have since learned that the Baby Elephant Ears should be flipped around so the tag is on the left and the long part of the ears is over baby's shoulders.