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Milk It™ was created {by a mom} to support moms and the milk they make!  It was formed with the idea that pumping milk while working should be less daunting and could be more fun and rewarding.  

Milk It products include the Milk It Kit™ and our Milk Label Refill Packs.  

Milk It Kit is a Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms.  It contains what nursing moms need for peace of mind and for more positive pumping sessions while working - a door hanger privacy sign, a pump bag tag (luggage tag), 2 desk signs, 32 milk labels and 3 Milk It™ stickers.  

Our Milk Labels are waterproof, freezer-proof, easy-to-remove labels that are writable with a ball point pen!  They are useful for labeling milk collection bags and bottles, baby bottles, a Ziplock containing a day's worth of pumped milk bags or even for labeling your baby food! 

And Here's How It All Began:

As a working, breastfeeding mom I became intimately familiar with pumping--and pumping--and pumping--milk for my first daughter, Abby.  Placing my 3 month old baby girl in the arms of a caregiver, I became what felt like an expert milk pumping machine!  Pumping all over the country and zooming around to meetings for more than a year, I accumulated quite a list of "places I have pumped."  Topping the list was the one office with a dedicated lactation room.  Nearing the bottom was the restaurant bathroom stall where another woman heard my pump chirping about and claimed "is that a bird in there?"  

Surveying many moms across the country made me realize my stories just touch the tip of the iceberg.  With my own breastfeeding and pumping experiences and those of other moms in mind, I became determined to create a kit that would give moms some tools to help them feel good about pumping milk at work, to provide a sense of privacy, some protection and to add a little fun to the repetitive (and often tedious) task of pumping milk.

And so the Milk It Kit was born!

Pumping Moms -

  • Have no more fear of coworkers barging in on your pumping session!
  • Feel safe leaving your pumped milk in a communal refrigerator or freezer at work.
  • Step away from your desk without needing to explain, yet again, where you are headed.
  • Let airport security know exactly what is in that bag/cooler without needing to exclaim "It's my breastmilk!" in front of other travelers.

Above all, take pride in your hard work to provide milk for your child while you are working. 

Go Mommy Go!

Courtney Uyeshiro
milk it Founder, Mother of 3 and Certified Lactation Educator

Boulder, CO

p.s.  Read about my hopes and dreams for Milk It in my blog

Sidenote: Milk It is a company founded to support moms and the milk they make.  We at Milk It recognize that not all moms can produce milk and breastfeed.  We would never would judge a mom by her ability/inability to breastfeed or her choice to breastfeed or to formula-feed.

Milk It creates Milk It Kit - the Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms. Purchase the Milk It Kit and Refill Milk Labels at  Milk It™ and Milk It Kit™ are trademarks of milk it, LLC © 2012.  All Rights Reserved.  

Pumping Moms Rock!

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